Lefkada Island Holidays

Some thoughts about the Holidays in Lefkada island Greece

I have been on holidays in Lefkada island several times. Multi-day and short-lived. Holidays in Lefkada island are a special experience. What makes Lefkada special is definitely that it is mainly mountainous. So if you want to tour the island you will find unique mountain landscapes.

On the east side the mountains are green and end more gently in the sea. In this area are most of the holiday settlements of Lefkadaisland . From Lygia to Vassiliki. On the west side the mountains are just as green, but are cut short on their way to the sea. It is as if a hand cut them and created the cliffs at Cape Lefkata, Porto Katsiki, Egremni, Gialos or Kalamitsi.

Wherever you go in Lefkada island, nature has something special to offer you. On the east side, where the famous island of Scorpio is located, there are other less famous islands, but they are the same or more beautiful. It is worth visiting on your holidays in Lefkada with the boats that make local excursions. Sparta, Scorpio, Kastos, Kalamos, and of course Meganisi which, as its name suggests, is the largest island in the area.

The city of Lefkada is a capital town of special interest. With the interesting traditional architecture that was forced due to the frequent earthquakes, with the area of ​​Gyra, the castle of Agia Mavra and the Lagoon. All these compose landscapes of exceptional beauty that will make your vacation in Lefkada island truly unforgettable.

Lefkada island Greece Holidays

In the summer in the city of Lefkada is organized a festival a little different from the harp cola festivals that take place in the summer throughout Greece. The International Folklore Festival of Lefkada started in 1962 and is the oldest institution of its kind in Greece. While it is an important festival worldwide. Lefkada has a long tradition in culture and it is nice to be able to combine your summer holidays with the festival.

Lefkada island due to Onassis and Scorpio entered the world tourist map earlier than other areas of Greece. Its tourist development became a little anarchic with the weight being given to the east side. While in the west only Agios Nikitas developed into a tourist settlement due to the easier access. Nowadays things are clearly better in our days. Access to the west side and its unreal landscapes has become easier, while in recent years two areas of Lefkada island have become internationally popular destinations for water sports. The beach of Windmills in Gyra of Lefkada island has become the favorite destination for Kitesurfing or kiteboarding athletes, while in Vassiliki it is the kingdom of windsurfing. All this in combination with the Marina of Lefkada island which is really a jewel for the island, make Lefkada an ideal place for holidays of any kind.

Lefkada island Greece Holidays

Lefkada island also has a substantial advantage over the other greek islands. There are no restrictions on coastal shipping as access to the island is via a small bridge. So the planning of your holidays is not affected by the weather, which means that Lefkada island is an ideal destination for holidays all year round and of course we must point out that there are no extra costs for ferry tickets, which nowadays makes the vacation budget difficult for everyone.